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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim NASH REVIEW



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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim NASH REVIEW

OK, I had a look at a few vids on you tube for this and I nearly decided to buy. Ok, well I thought I’d download it first and have a try.
Firstly I’ve never played any RPG before, so here’s my summery.
There seems to lot of animation scenes cut scenes ect. I don’t like watching these after the first and they quickly become annoying. I never even bothered playing BF3 campaign because of this it’s like watching TV.
The scenery itself is very good to look at, however as you walk / run / sprint through it you feel very detached from the environment itself. You kinda float your way over to the next thing you must find and usually there are obstacles in the way. I normally just head straight for the arrow. As a non RPG player of course the first thing I want to do is kill everyone. You can get away with this with stray villagers but don’t try this in a town they all gang up on you and kill you.
The fighting is also a little detached, you have the left mouse and right mouse buttons. Left click for shield and right click for sword. By the time the animation of him swinging the sword and it being blocked ect I’ve already been out in the kitchen and put the kettle on.
No multiplayer? So this isn’t like WOW then you can’t even go online with your mates? To form a gangs or anything.
Yes I spent most of my time in game stabbing people and stealing as many things as I could carry without any though if the items would be of any use to me.
Overall, pretty scenery and detailed models ect. Gameplay to me feels detached. Yea I never gave it a real chance I also never listened to any of the other characters or followed my QUESTS. I just wanted to kill everyone.
Will I buy and give it another go? Probably not now.
For those who like and have played RPG I suppose this with defiantly appeal.
For action FPS lovers, who have never played the slow pace of RPG. Go on a 30 minutes quest to level up ONE in sword stamina ect ect. If you’re like me then don’t bother.


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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim NASH REVIEW

Lol, awesome review!
I'm tempted but I think I will play my sons copy on xbox when I have time.

I did like Dark Messiah which was FP RPG, is it much like that?

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