Post Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:22 pm

Useful drive management software (including steam mover)

Ok, I wanted to check what was eating my hardrive space before I move to my shiny new samsung evo drive.

These were very useful:

I've used this before from a usb key. Its great, it will map out your drives and tell you exactly what is eating your space up! Files, software installs everything..

Steam Mover
OK, a few of you have said and used this already, but really for those who have not this is AWESOME! Idiot proof to help you move your steam installs away from your host operating system to a data drive. Perfek for freeing up heaps of space to get ready to clone your os to a spangily new SSD!

Life hacker swear by it! ... mary-drive
As lifehacker points out, you can actually use it to move virtually any software to a data drive!

Please feel free to post your fav software for disk / software management here!